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Planning, highways and traffic information

Purton Parish Council is consulted on planning applications within, or which significantly affect, the Parish of Purton. Incoming applications are reviewed by the Council and members of the public are welcome to attend.


Planning Guidance and Policies

Wiltshire Core Strategy, Wiltshire's Local Plan, Wiltshire Mineral Policy, Wiltshire Waste Policy National Planning Policy Framework & Planning Practice Guide.

For National Guidance and Policy:

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For Wiltshire Policies:

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Highway Information & Community Speed Watch

Primary Gritting route within Purton -
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The Buffer, Purton - Feb 24 -
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B4553-Cricklade Road, Purton Stoke - Sept 23 -
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B4553-Cowleaze, Ridgeway Farm (west) - Sept 23 -
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B4553-Cowleaze, Ridgeway Farm (east) - Sept 23 -
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UC Witts Lane Purton - June 23 - Click Here
UC The Hyde Purton - June 23 -
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C414 Restrop Road Purton - June 23 -
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C34 Manor Hill Purton - May 23 -
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C34 Church Street Purton - March 23-
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C414 Widham Purton - February 23 -
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Community Speed Watch Results - April 2024
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Community Speed Watch Results - December 2023 - Click Here
Community Speed Watch Results - October 2023 - Click Here

Gully Management

In order to ease the flow of water during the wetter months, we would like to ask residents who have gullies near their properties to monitor them and advise when they need clearing.

As you can imagine we have 100s within Purton and to keep them monitored would be impossible, so any help by the community would be welcomed.

If you are unsure if there are any in your area, we can advise. Without support for the community in monitoring and advising that they need clearing we cannot ensure the free flow and hopefully reduce flooding and help control water management.

Click Here for the Flood Wardens report - April 2023

Please contact the Parish Council Office if you would like to help 01793 771066.

Reporting of Highway Issues

If you see any pot holes or other defects on the highway you can report direct to Wiltshire Council on 03004560100 or Report on the Wiltshire Council App alternatively you can report to the Parish Council Office on 01793 771066.

Wiltshire Council has an APP for iPhones and android devices that you can download, so you can report issues at the time you see them and this in turn picks up your GPS location of the issue, so no need to explain where the issue is.

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For an update on the flood situation in the area visit the Wiltshire Council for this information.

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Lorry Watch Pilot Scheme

The Lorry Watch scheme is operational in Purton, anyone wishing to report lorries seen in the village that are not thought to have a legitimate reason for being there or driving through it and excessive of the weight restriction of 7.5 tonnes, can report using the following forms. ‍

Report a vehicle within a weight restricted area
Statement of Witness Form

Both forms need to be completed by the witness and sent to Wiltshire Council, the return details are included on the forms.

Street Lights

If you notice that a Street light is not working you can either report it to the Street Lighting Office by telephoning 0300 456 0105 or to the Parish Council Office on 01793 771066.

Problems with Street Lighting can also be reported using the APP which is a cost effective way (2 pence per report by APP compared to £5 per report by telephoning).

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