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Purton Parish Council respond to a questions raised by members of the public on matters affecting residents of Purton

Purton Parish Council are keen to involve the community in new projects and day to day management of services and encourage residents to attend the meetings of council and engage with officers regarding matters of concern. Commonly asked questions and answers are available through this section of the website.

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Question Nine - October 2019

How do I become a Parish Councillor?
There are 15 seats in Purton. When a vacancy arises, the post will be advertised for 14 clear days by Wiltshire Council and if no one registers their interest in this period we have the opportunity to co-opt the post through internal means. There are two main lawful requirements. You must be 18 years or over in age and have lived in the Parish for a minimum of one year.  You will be required to complete a form to register your interest. These forms will be given to full Council for consideration and a suitable date arranged to meet (forms are available from our offices or on our website).Once the meeting has taken place the Council will at the next available full council meeting vote on your co-option. The majority vote will be taken, and the Council do not have to accept you as a Councillor if they feel your application does not meet the needs of the Council and community. No reasons are required as to why an application is not successful.

What does a Councillor do?
Parish Councillors are volunteers who wish to make change and enhance the lives of all those living within the community using the powers that are available to them. Regular meetings are held where business is discussed and voted on. Items can be brought to the table by all Councillors in advance of the meetings, not on the day of the meeting. The Parish Council has limited powers to act, however they have the ability to work with outside bodies to achieve change where feasible.

How long is the term of office?
An election is held every 4 years and each Councillor co-opted or elected must put an application in for the post of Councillor independently. If the spaces are uncontested (15) then it is automatic acceptance and enrolment. However, if there are more applications than vacancies, an election will be held, and the candidate will be required to canvas for votes. A Councillor can leave office at any given time provided they give written notice to the Chairman of Council.

How many meetings are there?
Council meetings are held the second Monday of each month. Sub committees are held on another Monday in the month and although any Councillor can attend, they cannot vote unless they are allocated to that committee. You can, as a Councillor chose which committees you wish to join, apart from the Staff Subcommittee which has strict guidelines on attendance due to the nature of the sensitive information discussed.The Parish Council is also sole trustee to three charities. As a Parish Councillor you are automatically enrolled as trustee to all three.

What are the benefits of being a Councillor ?
An opportunity to make change within the community you live and be involved in future planning and development in the Parish, whilst continually working towards the enhancement of lives and services.Please always speak to the Clerk of the Council, Deborah Lawrence with any queries, as there maybe options available. or call on 01793 771 066

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