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Purton Parish Council aid the maintenance of footpaths within the community working closely with a dedicated team of volunteers, land owners and Wiltshire Council to keep the 161 footpaths accessible and open.

The Parish Council office also has maps for sale of all the footpaths within the Parish.

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Braydon 2 - New Bridge, Stile and Waymarker
 FP59 off Mopes Lane - Bridge required over ditch
FP6 off Stoke Common Lane - new bridge required 


FP81 at Cricket Ground - Additional post with way markers added
FP88 behind School - Repairs to kissing gate
FP65 off Collins Lane - Two new bridges installed over ditches
FP13 by Bentham Farm - Step Stabilised
Braydon FP8 by Red Lodge - Step repaired
Braydon FP9 up from The River Key - New stile installed
FP19 Bentham Lane - New sign added to fingerpost
FP23 off Mopes Lane - New posts added to step
FP118 near to FP116 - New bridge added
FP34 South of railway line - Repairs to stile
FP81 by cricket ground - Overhanging branch removed
FP2 Stoke Common Lane - Signage replaced at roadside and waymarkers added to gates across the fields
FP1 roadside Purton Stoke - Bottom step replaced
FP35 up from railway line - New bridge installed
FP35 in wood - Handrail added to bridge
FP59 at Mopes Lane - 2 new posts added to step
FP32 Folly Down Farm - New step added
Braydon FP7 Davenport bridge to Parkgate - Fallen tree cleared from footpath
FP31A from Packhorse Corner - Repairs to stile
FP70 off Station road - New step added
FP41B Lower Pavenhill - New Steps added
FP70 off Collins Lane - New sleeper bridge over ditch
FP70 towards Collins Lane - Dog stile added to gate
FP51 off Vasterne Close - Replace stile with kissing gate
FP43 Brockhurst Wood - New handrail to added to bridge
FP81 towards cricket ground - Rails added to the side of the kissing gate to close gap
FP147 White Lodge Farm - Waymarking required
FP40 Stank Steps - replace broken step
FP40 - New top step added to stile
FP63 off Cricklade Road - new step fitted
FP159 from Lower Farm - new step fitted
FP Braydon5 near railway line - new step fitted
FP6 Stoke Common Lane from FP4 - padlock removed from gate
FP111 from Upper Pavenhill - Post with waymarker installed
FP91 at the jnct with FP90 - new post with waymarkers installed
FP80 by the Milk House - replace broken post to kissing gate 'V' installed
FP93 towards Lydiard - new handrail fitted to bridge.
FP14A Bentham - Two unconventional stiles added to steps
FP94 off FP88 - redundant stile removed
FP towards Bagbury Farm - step added to kissing gate.
FP88 off Restrop - area of Kissing Gate improved with scalpings
FP110,High Hills - renew rail to kissing gate
FPBradon1 - new step required
FP67 off Collins Lane - Bridge & Stile needs repair
FP116 Lower Pavenhill - remove redundant broken stile and added steppingstones to aid flooding
FP65 off Collins Lane - 2 new bridge installed with hand rails
FP65 off Collins Lane - New step fitted to stile

25th October 2021

This week the Team cleared the path behind Hooks Hill, FP107.  
 Click Here to view the photos of the work.

FP27 - Purton Stoke -------- Loose post to stile -------- Work to be completed by Landowner
FP27 - Purton Stoke -------- Repairs to bridge required --------- Work to be completed by Landowner

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Report of informal meeting to discuss footpath problems with Wiltshire Council held 14th October 2019 and updated 25th October 2019

Stephen Leonard opened the meeting by updating those present on recent changes within Wiltshire Council and his and his team’s updated roles and the area they were responsible for.

He sadly had to advise that none of our outstanding problems had been resolved since our last meeting 6 months ago but hoped to make some headway in the future now that their reorganisation was finalised.

Stephen thanked all members of the Footpath Team for their work on Purton’s footpaths.

The following items have been resolved since the last meeting -
FP104 towards Greenhill, the Footpath Team have installed a stile in the new fencing, the new fencing having effectively blocked the official footpath.
FP77 Ridgeway Farm development - section has been closed for a long time. The Footpath Team checked this out a little while ago and it was open but not on the official line, work was ongoing.

Our First Preferred Priority items remain as from 7th February 2018 meeting -
FP3 to Blakehill - currently unavailable. SL to resolve. We would like this opened to provide alternative access to the Blakehill Destination Point which is now completed.
FP124 to Blakehill - currently unavailable. SL to resolve. We would like this opened to provide access to Blakehill itself where Wiltshire Wildlife will provide a permissive path on to the Reserve.
FP6 from FP4 - locked gate off FP4 and electric fence across the footpath with no means of crossing. SL to resolve.

Our secondary Preferred Priority List is FP68 off Collins Lane opposite Diana Lodge. Footpath unavailable. SL to investigate including the possibility of a permissive path in the next field which was previously unofficially walked.
FP7 from FP4 - footpath unavailable. Stile required in hedgerow. We would like to make this footpath available as an alternative to the problem FP6. SL to contact landowner.

Braydon FP2 off Minety road - bridge, stile and waymarking required through difficult section. Footpath Team can do this work but need help from SL to clear it with the landowner and enable access up the trackway to aid delivery of materials. Lesley unable to make contact with Landowner.

A new problem was reported to FP12 from Bentham Lane. The route is now obstructed by a ditch, fence and numerous bee hives. This will need dealing with by SL.
FP44 onto Vasterne Hill, permission required to change stile to a kissing gate. SL in contact with tenant who is reluctant to give permission. Lesley advised we already have a sponsor in place. Further problems requiring SL assistance remain as FP99 Common Farm - Landowner querying route through garden. Footpath Team could install new stile in hedgerow but landowner unknown, SL to investigate. Footpath is currently walkable, but route is contentious.
FP57 Witts Lane to Henleys Corner - Currently unavailable. It was agreed SL will meet a member of the Footpath Team in the near future to check out the feasibility of opening up this footpath.
FP61 New Road end - no access across wide ditch. The Footpath Team had been asked by a member of the public if this section of FP61 could be opened up to join with FP59. SL to investigate.
FP30 Watkins Corner - official route from main road not available. It was agreed SL will provide some permissive route waymarkers to the Footpath Team who will contact the landowner to discuss using the farm access track as a permissive path.
FP127 at Minety boundary - no continuity onto Minety FP56. SL to investigate.
FP5 on B4696 - Fingerpost required. SL stated that this had been re-erected once.
FP16 - Pond Lane. Fingerpost required again, the one previously re-erected has been pulled up and thrown over the hedge. To be actioned by SL. The following are longstanding issues and have still to be sorted.

We have a small number of footpaths and bridleways which are currently unavailable, and we wish to open them up as soon as is possible whilst acknowledging that some are difficult to resolve.

FP148 near to Bentham Farm beside Purton boundary stone - now unavailable as a bridleway as gateway cannot be opened. SL advised problem with official line should be on opposite side of the hedge.
FP43 Lower Pavenhill - only available as a footpath, should be a bridleway. Discussions are ongoing with the landowner.
FP34 New Farm, Bentham - route not accessible. Ongoing issue. SL advised additional problem in this area as FP14A onto Bentham Lane is not on the official line.
FP123 and 133 Queen Street - route not accessible. Ongoing issue.
Braydon FP3 - route not accessible through Highbarn Farm. This property now has a change of ownership. SL to take up with new owner. Possible future changes of stiles to kissing gates. We are hoping to continue expanding our stile free footpath network and the following are possibilities -
FP56, Locks Lane end. We still need to ascertain who the landowner is.
FP51, Vasterne Close to Hoggs Lane. We have not persued this yet.
FP80 at junction with Lydiard FP100 to Stone Lane. We have not persued this yet.

Beside the proposed kissing gate on FP44 to Vasterne Hill we have no further sponsors of kissing gates at this time.

The next meeting with Stephen to be arranged in 6 months’ time.

Maps and leaflets updated 11th October 2018

The Parish Council office has maps for sale of all the footpaths in Purton Parish.

A colour A0 size map is £13.00, A1 size map is £6.00, A2 size is £3.00 and A3 size is £1.50. We also have some footpath booklets for sale of suggested routes to walk with varying distances around the parish at a cost of £1.50 each.

A new style route map is available from the Council offices - Walk 4, Ringsbury Camp & Greenhill distance is 5.3 miles. Walk 5, Canals and Railways', the distance is a little over 5 miles. Walk 7, Two Churches, distance 3.3 miles. Walk 15, The Battle Walk distance 3.9 miles. These Walk Leaflets are 50p each.

Click Here to print off Walk 4 - Ringsbury Camp and Greenhill.
Click Here to print off Walk 5 - Canals and Railways.
Click Here to print off Walk 7 - Two Churches.
Click Here to print off Walk 15 - The Battle Walk

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