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Purton Parish Council aid the maintenance of footpaths within the community working closely with a dedicated team of volunteers, land owners and Wiltshire Council to keep the 161 footpaths accessible and open.

The Parish Council office also has maps for sale of all the footpaths within the Parish.

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Braydon 2 - New Bridge, Stile and Waymarker required
FP118 near Parkgate Farm - Handrail loose
Jnct FP118/39 - New stile required
FP67 off The Pry, new step required 
FP21, Watkins Corner, new post to handrail required
FP157 near Bray Farm, step to be repaired

FP 100 towards  Brockhurst 2 New Steps  Installed
FP118 off Lower  Pavenhill Bridge Repaired
Jnct FP's 79 & 80 - Kissing Gate Repaired
FP117 Lower Pavenhill - Two new stiles required
FP87 Bradon Forest Playing Field, fallen tree branches removed
FP54 down from High Street - Rambling Gate needs replacing
FP11 Bentham Farm - Waymark required at FP4
FP72 The Pry roadside - Stile needs post repair
FP70 off Station Road - New Kissing Gate installed
FP50 to Vasterne Hill, sponsored pedestrian gate installed 
FP129 by track, two stiles removed by landowner to leave a gap 
FP18 off Mopes Lane, new step installed  
FP12 off Bentham Lane, new step installed 
FP13, at side of track, new step fitted
FP67 off Collins Lane, new step fitted
FP65 off the Pry, new step installed
FP75 off The Fox, wobbly step repaired
Jnct FP89/90 - Waymark corrected
FP157,Purkini Farm, Waymarkers added
FP44 by track, step repaired


7 - Purton Stoke -------- Loose post to stile -------- Work to be completed by Landowner
FP27 - Purton Stoke -------- Repairs to bridge required --------- Work to be completed by Landowner

Tuesday 19th September
This week the team worked on clearing PURT87 again as the brambles were overtaking and the nettles thriving.

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Report of informal meeting to discuss footpath problems with Wiltshire Council held 29th June 2022

Stephen Leonard
Lesley Miles
Barry Pitts
Peter Andrews
David Arnold
Stephen opened the meeting by thanking all members of the Footpath Team for their work on Purton’s footpaths. Stephen advised and apologised that Wiltshire Council had not been able to complete any work from the priority list or action any of the long-standing issues.
Initial discussions involved the removal of the padlock on the gate of FP46A off Vasterne Hill, this should be one of our stile free walks, Stephen to contact landowner. Stephen to contact landowner to discuss improving the section of FP161 on Francomes Hill which gets very muddy in winter. Wilts Council may be able to help us with the solution by providing road planings.
Stephen to contact landowner to discuss installing two stiles on FP3 to Blakehill viewing point, this footpath not currently open.
These three items to be our current priorities. We have the possibility of a sponsor for a new kissing gate at Bentham. Stephen said it is possible to purchase metal kissing gates from Wilts Council which they could deliver with no delivery charge, subject to their stock availability.
Stephen informed the Team that discussions were taking place with the British Horse Society regarding the following bridleways -
Bridleway 15 at Bentham, improvements to be made to overcome the flooding involving raising the canopy, building up part width of the affected bridleway and installing a ditch for drainage.
Bridleway 5 towards Ashton Keynes Road, work required to clear bridleway.
Bridleway 148 at boundary stone, waiting on a second-hand bridleway gate to replace fixed field gate, currently no access. Re routing bridleways around Whitehall Farm which is now under new ownership. These are in Cricklade area.
We also pointed out Bridleway 146 at White Lodge, there is no longer access from FP149.
Bridleway 43 Lower Pavenhill to Brockhurst Wood, currently only available as a footpath. Stephen also mentioned Bridleway 103 through Brockhurst Wood has some obstructions from fallen branches.
The BHS have an active working party to help with work on bridleways. Further discussions highlighted other general problems.
FP59 towards the recycling centre. A wide ditch gets flooded in winter. Stephen suggested Armco barriers could be used to make a bridge. He would contact landowner to discuss.
FP50 from field off Vasterne Close. Two posts with waymarks had mysteriously disappeared, Footpath Team to replace them. Lesley to pursue permission with the landowner to change the stile to a kissing gate. We have a sponsor for the new gate.
FP26 at Purton Stoke. Stephen confirmed permission had not been given for the way markers to be removed from both ends of this footpath. Footpath Team to replace them.
FP99 and 119. A new fence has been erected but the two stiles have not been replaced so currently no access. Stephen to contact landowner again.
FP68 off Collins Lane opposite Diana Lodge. Footpath unavailable. Requires access at roadside and field boundary.
FP12 from Bentham Lane. The route is obstructed by a new fence.
FP127 Hooks Hill. Ownership is unknown.
PURT162 Stephen was advised of the discovery of a new bridleway spotted on the online definitive map,
PURT162 off Wood Lane. It is a short section from the road to the Lydiard boundary and then becomes LMIL2.
This was new to Stephen. It is not shown on our current printed maps. Lesley to ask if there is an updated map which includes 162.This leaves the following outstanding items from the last meeting which were not discussed further at this time.
Priority items remain as from 7th February 2018 meeting –
FP124 to Blakehill - currently unavailable. SL to resolve. We would like this opened to provide access to Blakehill itself where Wiltshire Wildlife will provide a permissive path on to the Reserve.
Further problems requiring SL assistance remain as FP7 from FP4 - footpath unavailable. Stile required in hedgerow. We would like to make this footpath available as an alternative to the problem FP6.
FP99 Common Farm - Landowner querying route through garden. Footpath Team could install new stile in hedgerow but landowner unknown. Footpath is currently walkable, but route is contentious.
FP61 New Road end - no access across wide ditch. The Footpath Team had been asked by a member of the public if this section of FP61 could be opened to join with FP59.
FP5 on B4696 - Fingerpost required. The following are longstanding issues and have still to be sorted.
We have a small number of footpaths and bridleways which are currently unavailable, and we wish to open them up as soon as possible whilst acknowledging that some are difficult to resolve.
FP43 Lower Pavenhill to Brockhurst Wood - only available as a footpath, should be a bridleway.
FP34 New Farm, Bentham - route not accessible. Ongoing issue. SL advised additional problem in this area as
FP14A onto Bentham Lane is not on the official line.
FP123 and 133 Queen Street - route not accessible.
Braydon FP3 - route not accessible through Highbarn Farm.
The next meeting with Stephen to be arranged in 6 months time.

Maps and leaflets updated 29th August 2023

The Parish Council office has maps for sale of all the footpaths in Purton Parish.

A colour A0 size map is £18.00, A1 size map is £9.00, A2 size is £6.00 and A3 size is £1.50. We also have some footpath booklets for sale of suggested routes to walk with varying distances around the parish at a cost of £1.50 each.

A new style route map is available from the Council offices - Walk 4, Ringsbury Camp & Greenhill distance is 5.3 miles. Walk 5, Canals and Railways', the distance is a little over 5 miles. Walk 7, Two Churches, distance 3.3 miles. Walk 15, The Battle Walk distance 3.9 miles. These Walk Leaflets are 50p each.

Click Here to print off Walk 4 - Ringsbury Camp and Greenhill.
Click Here to print off Walk 5 - Canals and Railways.
Click Here to print off Walk 7 - Two Churches.
Click Here to print off Walk 15 - The Battle Walk

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