August & September 2023


August - Under Delegated Powers

PL/2023/05642 - Old Coach House, 85 High Street, Purton, SN5 4AB.  Proposed loft conversion to garage and single storey & link extension between house and garage.  
No Objection.

PL/2023/05363 - Dreamlea, Cricklade Road, Purton Stoke, Swindon, Wilts, SN5 4JG.  Change of use of land from equestrian to two Gypsy and Traveller pitches, to include the change of use of an equestrian storage building to a shared day room.  
Purton Parish Council Objects to this application, under delegated powers. Although Traveller sites are treated differently to normal planning applications, it is considered this application falls well short of the requirement for approval.  It is recommended that these sites are not in greenfield locations such as this. There are no footpaths to access Purton Stoke, which has limited services, and it would be considered dangerous to walk on the road to approach the nearest bus stop to reach Cricklade or Purton, what bus service there is cannot be considered frequent.  This will lead to use of cars and private transport to and from the location, joining the B4553 can be hazardous, even more so if a commercial vehicle, or towing a touring caravan.  A relatively recent application for more pitches at the Bell Public House was refused due to accessing this road, I cannot see anything has changed, this should also be refused.  Access to schools, doctors etc. will further entail the use of private transport, proving this is not a sustainable site for development.

There are two sites under consideration in Lydiard, neither of which are determined, to my knowledge, this would be yet another site within a few miles, there are further sites within Minety and near Rein and Shine, it is considered another would be an overkill.  There is an abandoned site near Cricklade Railway, previously owned by a local family, which has been derelict for many years, if a further site is needed this could be utilized, minimizing further development in a green area.

Areas of the site are in flood plain 1,but it known that many times the flooded area exceeded this boundary.  Purton Stoke is a rural community and classed as a small village, therefore it has no limit of development, as large villages do, but the ethos is infill only to provide local need, this is development in the open countryside and should not be approved.

In conclusion, access onto a busy road, lack of infrastructure, unsustainability, flood risk, development on the edge of the village, and opportunity to use existing site should mean refusal.  With other sites still under consideration this should be immediately dismissed.

PL/2023/05610, Land at Red House Social Club, Church Street, Purton. Tree survey has been carried out highlighting hazard works with priority's from 3months to 12 months. Requesting permission to carry out all works highlighted in survey.
No comment

PL/2023/05643, Willis Way, Purton. T11 - Common Walnut; Located in public open space on Willis Way, adjacent to 37 High Street. This Walnut tree has significant cavities in its main trunk and stems. Historic limb failure has left this tree unbalanced and over exposed, with a high probability of further break out. Shaggy bracket has been noted historically and is evident at this time, which suggests the structural integrity has been compromised. Due to the location of this tree, pruning is recommended to help preserve the tree and reduce the risk of further failure. Requesting permission to reduce the size of the canopy by 40% to formalise and reduce the weight on the overextend limbs.
No comment

PL/2023/05611 - Land off Church Street, Purton.  A tree survey has been carried out which highlights hazard works priority from 3 months to 12 months. Requesting permission to carry out works according to survey at: - Church Street - Tennis courts and surrounding open space - Cemetery Woodlands (W83only) - Purton Church - The Dingle.
No comment

PL/2023/03828 - Mill Farm, 25 The Fox, Purton, SN5 4EF.  Alterations To Include: Removal Of Chimney Stack, Formation Of Glazed Facade, New Window &Door Openings, And Internal Alterations.
No Objection

- Land north of Queen Street, Braydon, Malmesbury, SN16 9RL. Formation of field track (part retrospective). No Objection

PL/2023/06124 - 3B High Street, Purton, SN5 4AA. Row of 4 Yews growing together forming a "Hedge" in the front garden. Requesting permission to tightly trim/prune by removing approximately 1 metre re-growth to re-formalise, and prune neighbours side back to the boundary wall. - 2no Lime trees on the boundary wall in the front garden. These two trees have been pollarded in the past and the re-growth is now encroaching on the public footpath and neighbouring property. Requesting permission to re-pollard both trees back to previous points.
No Objections

PL/2023/05407 - 16 High Street Purton. T1 - Ash tree, situated in the land belonging to Mrs Cook Requesting permission to raise the canopy to approximately 6m all round to reduce encroachment onto the road, prune away from roofline to provide 2m clearance and prune away from phone line.
No Objections

PL/2023/06526 - 2 Sams Cottage, Stoke Common Lane, Purton Stoke, Swindon, SN5 4JG. Two storey rear extension& front porch - Re-submission of expired approved application 14/06086/FUL.
No Objections


PL/2023/06667 - Bray Farm, Purton Stoke, SN5 4LL. Retention of existing rural workers dwelling; retention of existing agricultural building and lean-to; extension to dwelling; Erection of agricultural building; Change of use of land to residential; and stables (Retrospective). No Objection.

PL/2023/06654 - 38 Stoke Common Lane, Purton Stoke, SN5 4JG.  Change of use of land for the stationing of 2 Shepherd Huts to provide holiday accommodation.
No Objection

PL/2023/06960 - Land Adjacent To 49 The Hyde, Purton, Swindon, SN5 4EA.  Erection Of Single Dwelling Access and Parking Following Outline Permission REF PL/2022/03841

PL/2023/04820 - Land at Clay Pitts, Greenhill, Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire. A material change of use of land for the stationing of caravans for residential purposes with dayrooms and hardstanding ancillary to that use’. Objection was raised by the Parish Council as previous objections to application PL/2022/00943 still stands and they do not agree with material change proposed in application PL/2023/04820 given all the outstanding objections.
The Land was the subject of an Enforcement Notice Ref 14/00301/ENF for the removal of two caravans, which were being used for residential use.
There were two static caravans at the time, no day rooms or mobile caravans which make this development far more significant than the original use.
The reasons given for not granting planning permission have not changed since 2018 which demonstrates for this application there is a conflict with other planning policies. As nothing has changed since this Enforcement notice then these Policies should still apply reasons for enforcement included:
• The Land lies within the open countryside and its continued residential use, which is unsupported by any rural employment need, is contrary to Core Policies 1, 2 and 48 of the Wiltshire Core Strategy (adopted January 2015) and paragraph 55 of the National Planning Policy Framework (2012) and no overriding exception to these policies has been demonstrated.
• Core Policy 19 of the Wiltshire Core Strategy (adopted January 2015 — the Royal Wootton Bassett and Cricklade Area Strategy) in that the use takes place in an isolated unsustainable location.
• Core Policy 51 of the Wiltshire Core Strategy (adopted January 2015) and paragraph 109 of the National Planning Policy Framework in that the unauthorized development has an adverse impact of the local landscape character area.
• Core Policy 57 of the Wiltshire Core Strategy (adopted January 2015) and paragraph 56 and 64 of the National Planning Policy Framework in that the unauthorized development is unsympathetic to its natural landscape setting.
• Core policies 60 and 61 of the Wiltshire Core Strategy (adopted January 2015) together with paragraph 32 of the National Planning policy framework in that the unauthorized development takes place in an unsustainable location encouraging the use of the private car.
The final statement was that “The Council does not consider that planning permission should be given, because planning conditions could not overcome these objections to the development.” The owner was given 6 months to complete the items below, most of which are still outstanding and as a result being used by the current owner as the basis for the layout in the application.
• Permanently cease the residential use of the Land.
• Permanently remove all caravans from the Land as well as any items associated with the residential use of the Land (including those within the stable building), these include but are not limited to, water containers, garden furniture, gas cylinders, household effects and general detritus.
• Permanently remove all fencing on the Land, which were erected to sub-divide the Land into separate caravan plots.
• Excavate the unauthorized graveled hard surfaced area to the stable yard as well as the compacted hard-core paths leading to the caravans and remove all the resultant materials from the Land.
• Reinstate the land levels that result from this excavation to match the land levels on the immediately adjacent land using topsoil sown with rye grass seed.
Core Policy 47 – “Proposals for new gypsy and traveller pitches or travelling show people plots/yards will only be granted where there is no conflict with other planning policies and where no barrier to development exists. New development should be situated in sustainable locations, with preference generally given to previously developed land or a vacant or derelict site in need of renewal.
The proposed land is a greenfield site and does not conform to Core policy 47.
There have been no new build houses in the road for many years apart from one with an agricultural tie on it.
Applications have been refused consistently in the past for Highways reasons and for not being in keeping with the area, including a wall (PL/2021/03139).
Lydiard Millicent now has 3 applications under consultation within the Parish for Traveller sites plus one which was recently granted planning permission for expansion from 2 to 6 placements in neighbouring Hook (18/11379/FUL), less than a mile from the largest application below (PL/2022/00239) and less than a mile and a half from this application.
PL/2021/06519 – Extend existing 2 placement site with additional 5 placements in Wood Lane.
PL/2022/00239 – 12 new placements on Lydiard Green
PL/2022/00943 – This application 2 new placements in Greenhill
The quota for sites/placements has already been met in our area of Wiltshire and there are already unoccupied placements in locations in the local area.
Greenhill is a narrow, single track, no through road with a variety of homes, predominately cottages, and a good community feel. There are no passing places or turning spaces for vehicles other than private drives. The only parking areas for non-residents are at the top of the road close to the crossroads.
Since the pandemic there has been a considerable increase in the numbers of walkers using the road to access public rights of way at various points along the road - LMIL135/21/13/134/133/124/25/28 and 4 (which runs through this property). There is a blind bend at the point LMIL135 joins the road. This is already a dangerous part of the road for pedestrians without additional traffic. There is no direct footpath access to facilities in Lydiard Millicent, Purton, or Hook/Royal Wootton Bassett so all journeys must be by road. This includes access the primary school in Lydiard Millicent where parking is already a problem at the start and end of the school day.
The application mentions the bus stop at the top of Greenhill. The bus service from here runs between Swindon bus station and Cricklade. Buses are infrequent and to reach Royal Wootton Bassett, one would need to travel from Greenhill into Swindon and then back out again on the RWB service.
The planning application shows parking for four vehicles. Previous applications from residents have met with resistance from Highways because of the additional traffic in the road, should this application be successful, traffic would increase more than implied by previous applications. Journeys reliant on private vehicles are contrary to Core Policy 60 Sustainable Transport and 61 Transport and Development and also contrary to climate strategy with the resulting increase in carbon emissions.
Core Policy 1 states “Development at Large and Small Villages will be limited to that needed to help meet the housing needs of settlements and to improve employment opportunities, services, and facilities.” Greenhill is a hamlet on the edge of Lydiard Millicent and as such would come under the small village status of Lydiard Millicent. This application does none of these. The application is not for infill between existing properties, it is for a completely new site behind an existing property. Previous applications for new build properties in the road have been refused unless for agricultural purposes. Greenhill is included in the Neighbourhood Area of the Lydiard Millicent Neighbourhood Plan (The Neighbourhood Area 2.1) and as such comes under all the policies contained within that plan. Drainage, Environment, Ecology and Waste Management should be included as a minimum. The land drops away from the entrance. Water etc draining down may affect the well at the edge of this land which is used for fresh water by the neighbouring dairy farmer and the stream which runs down through neighbouring woodland ultimately feeding into the Thames. The area is within an SSSI Impact Zone,14/03/2022.

PL/2023/07168 - Pavenhill Garage, Pavenhill, Purton, SN5 4DB.  Demolition of existing commercial garage premises to accommodate 2 No new dwellings. Objection was raised by the Parish Council due to the access and egress of vehicles entering and leaving the site with limited view and a busy high street location with shops and businesses to each side giving limited visibility and safety.  It was further felt this development was no in keeping with the current street scene.

PL/2023/07202 - 6 High Street, Purton, Swindon, SN5 4AA. Removal/Variation 3 relating to application 20/05358/FUL (Change of use from restaurant to staff accommodation, creation of 3 flats to first and second floors and internal alterations). Objection was raised by the Parish Council on the grounds of access and egress from this site.  Although planning shows parking facilities, given the location of the housing, the entrance and exit onto a small narrow footpath heavily used by the local children to pass with no ability of the exiting vehicles to see, this was not a safe and acceptable change to the building use.

PL/2023/07163 - Mistletoe Cottage 3 New Road, Purton SN5 4HF.  Erection of L shaped timber structure consisting of 3 bay car port and attached workshop.
No Objection

PL/2023/06962 - Weathercock Stables, Stoke Common Lane, Purton Stoke, Wiltshire, SN5 4LL.  Certificate of Lawfulness for the use of part of an existing stable block as a dwelling.
No Objection, restrict to family use only and remain auxiliary to the building.