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April 18, 2024


The Water Restoration Fund opened for applications yesterday, closing on 7th June. The total fund for the area covered by Thames Water is £3,334,000.
Allocations will be made on a competitive basis, with grant awards expected to be issued from late July.

Defra announced the details and guidance on how to apply, which can be found here. The Water Restoration Fund will use water company environmental fines and penalties to help improve the water environment. The fund will provide grants to organisations to undertake a range of improvement projects with an emphasis on tackling pressures where there are currently limited funding opportunities. These include things like habitat restoration, improving fish passage, limiting the spread of invasive non-native species, and reducing diffuse urban pollution.

Due to the Environment Agency’s statutory role its involvement in the Water Restoration Fund must be limited, to protect and maintain the independence of its regulation and enforcement activities. The EA can share evidence and data about the local water environment and provide expert advice to help partners but cannot be involved in decision-making or completing grant applications. If a project receives a grant from the Water Restoration Fund, it cannot receive any additional funding from the EA as match funding.

We would encourage applicants to take a catchment-based approach, working through the Catchment Partnership.

Click the link below for more information.

Water Restoration Fund: guidance for applicants - GOV.UK(www.gov.uk)