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June 11, 2024

At the Full Parish Council meeting, on Monday the 10th of June, members discussed ‘No Mow May’, which Purton Parish Council has been supporting on all its managed areas, except for its Play Areas.

For the unfamiliar, ‘No Mow May’ was undertaken in the hope that by reducing grass cutting and rewilding, that it would help to provide food needed by our pollinators, by helping to overcome the loss of flower rich meadows.

Rewilding has been undertaken in all of Purton Council’s managed areas this year, including the Cemetery, but it does takes time to establish a vibrant display and after the spring and autumn cuts, areas are unlikely to be at their most aesthetic.

In response to rewilding results at the Cemetery, some residents have asked the Council for a few changes, in order to ensure the best appearance of the Cemetery and access to graves.

In the meeting on the 10th of June, Councillors carefully considered the need to provide essential support to our pollinators, by helping to overcome the loss of flower rich meadows, through ‘No Mow May’. Whilst at the same time, Councillors also gave great thought and care to ensuring dignified and respectful, access and appearance at the cemetery, for those visiting their loved ones.

To ensure that all needs were met, Purton Parish Council resolved to continue to rewild areas where burials have not yet taken place, whilst mowing and strimming those areas, where families may wish to tend the graves and headstones of those most precious to them.

Clerk Deborah Lawrence said:

“The best outcomes are always reached in our community, when local people work together with us as a Parish Council. This is often simply by contacting us, as they have done regarding the Cemetery rewilding. This important partnership helps us to ensure that we can work to find the best solutions, for what are often very contrasting needs.

Our residents are now and will always remain at the very heart of why we are here, so we are pleased to support their visits to their loved ones in the Cemetery, whilst best ensuring the future of their world too.”