Purton Red House Kitchen Update

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November 16, 2023

Substantial behind the scenes work has been undertaken and investment made, to pave the way for the new kitchen at Purton Red House.

Despite some challenges, this work is now forging forwards with orders for electrics, electrical connections, plans, and building works now placed.

It is now anticipated that onsite works will begin in January 2024, with food being served from April.

Parish Clerk, Deborah Lawrence said:

“Although not visible as yet, there has actually been huge progression and investment in this project and the Charity Trustees remain committed to ensuring the longevity of the Purton Red House by enabling a new revenue stream through the kitchen.  

It’s a project that puts the community back at the heart of Purton Red House, by enabling everyone to come together and by ensuring the facility is there for years to come, as all profits will be reinvested in the site.”

Purton Red House Bar & Restaurant Manager, Chris Martin said:

“We’ll keep all our regulars up to date with what’s going on. We’ll be displaying information both online and in the bar for all to see.”