New Playhouse Opens At Play Close

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July 4, 2024

Purton’s smallest residents are now being welcomed to Purton’s smallest and newest house, at the Play Close Play Area.

The new Playhouse, designed for preschool children, includes a picnic table, seats, and post box to encourage imaginative and social outdoor play, amongst Purton’s preschoolers.

To ensure the safety of our youngest residents, the playhouse has been built over a brand new, safe, soft pore surface, to minimise impacts of bumps.

The decision about which equipment was to be installed, was informed by some local ad hoc feedback from Play Area parents and carers.

Installed after the removal of older preschool equipment in disrepair, the new playhouse has been fully funded by Purton Parish Council.

Costs on the project were reduced by the Ground Staff undertaking demolition and removal of the older equipment.

It is hoped that all our little Purtonians will enjoy the new Playhouse at Play Close.

Clerk Deborah Lawrence said:

“We want to improve the quality of life for all of our residents and are keen to see that our youngest get plenty of opportunities to play actively, outside, with their friends, in safe and enriching environments. It is a joy for us to do this for local children.”