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Budget and Precept 2024/2025

Council Tax bills have now landed with an increase this financial year 2024/5 for all services including Wiltshire Council, Fire and Rescue, Police and the Parish Council. The amount levied to residents by Purton Parish Council for an average Band D property will equate to an increase of £12.62 a year or 25p per week.

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If you would like to work with Purton Parish Council in setting their new year precept
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Transparent Information about Council Payment

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Community Infrastructure Levy

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Under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 Purton Parish Council supports the community through donations/grants to groups/organisations for new projects that will benefit the residents.

2023/24 Donations (to date)

Purton Community Fridge to fund this project to the sum of £685.00 for funding to continue craft/community activities within PIPS café.  
Purton Museum to fund for specialist equipment/products to protect/preserve clothing/cloth items within the museum for £218.65.
Purton Community Access Defibrillator to fund the replacement of the ageing defibs within our community, 10 years life cycle £4,400.
Wiltshire Citizens Advice to fund £500 to continue support/services to not only our community but others locally.  
Purton Football Club to fund £300 towards a new marking machine
Purton Bowls Club to fund £150 towards new blades for scarifier.
Purton and Cricklade Young Farmers to fund a new project screen for training at £448.

2022/23 Donations (to date)
Purton Toddler Group £600 towards new toy project
PIPS Community Café  £386.33 towards a new table/trolley project
Wiltshire Citizens Advice  £200 towards a new telephone exchange to aid remote working to reach more people
St Johns Ambulance £500 towards a CSU which will cover our area
The Stay Safe Initiative, £500 towards providing support to children and parents at Bradon Forest
Purton Participation Group £2994 for a new FEDO breathing diagnosis machine for Purton Surgery
Purton Stoke Residents Committee, new planter at the entrance £888 

2021/22 Donations (to date)
Purton Cricket Club £350 towards a rotary mower
Purton Open Gardens £613 towards the Millennium Garden revamp
Purton Patients Participation Group £1248 towards new chairs for the Doctors Surgery in Purton
Purton Museum £112.98 towards flag restoration project
Wiltshire Search and Rescue £100 general donation
Swindon and Cricklade Railway £2000 towards a new extension project
Swindon Dial a Ride £1000 towards continued support to dependant
Purton resident Pear Tree Peeler's £755 towards new equipment 

2019/20 Donations (to date)
Purton Footpath Volunteer Footpath Team £560.00 towards training
Purton Patients Participation Group £1,906 towards new doors
Jubilee Garden Project £965.58 towards new chairs
CMAS £5,250 towards youth service provision
Village Hall Charity £1,239.36 towards venue hire for youth service provision
Purton Toddlers Group £698 towards new equipment
Purton Stoke Fund £260 towards display planter at Purton Stoke
Royal British Legion £50 towards poppy appeal

For a Donation Form Click Here Donations are heard twice a year during February and July.

The Council as part of its transparency and safeguarding produce various documents which can be assessed by contacting the office direct. These documents are not downloadable for the reason what we would wish to engage in conversation with any member of the public who may have concerns or a wish to understand in more detail. Please contact the Clerk on 01793 771066 or email


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