Community Questionnaires 2023

To better understand your views, we circulated 3 surveys in our village in Spring 2023.

100s of you completed surveys and, in some cases, you completed all 3 surveys.

We’d like to thank all of you who took the time to complete the surveys online or on paper.

What you told us…

These surveys let us know what is important to you and what you would like to see in our village if all things were possible.

How will the survey data be used?

-The Neighbourhood Plan

Survey data from the Neighbourhood Plan survey will be used to create the next Neighbourhood Plan. This is a document that is created for the purpose of guiding those who seek to build in our area. It acts as the voice of our community.

Once complete is put to the village in a referendum and you’ll be able to vote to say that you want it to be used.

-Sole Trustee of 3 Charities Survey

These views will help to guide Councillors and Trustees when making future decisions, such as whether to make further investments in the Purton Red House or whether to run the 3 charities separately or together.

-Living In Purton

This will guide the council as to what facilities and services are important to you. What changes need to be made and what needs to be protected.

What will change?

What Purton Parish Council can and cannot do is determined by many things but most importantly:

• powers - what they are allowed to do

• duties - what they must do

• budget - what they can afford to do

• resources – what people, machinery, and facilities they have, to make things possible

• ownership – what land and facilities the council can use and change

• time – public meetings held at on agreed dates in which the council and other authorities can make decisions

So, it’s important to understand that it may or may not be possible at this time to provide everything that local people wish to see in the village.

So why ask us?

Local councils and authorities are both required to consult residents but also desire to do so. This is because, having this information means that when and if opportunities arise to either do or influence, that Purton Parish Council can voice what local people want and need.

What did the surveys tell us?

A summary of the results of what you told us are given in the document below. As above, these summaries are what residents completing the surveys have said and would like to see. They are not a promise to provide, more a commitment to do and champion what is possible.

We'd like to hear from more under 30s!

If you're under 30 or know someone who is, there is still time for them to complete our surveys.

Under 30s who live in Purton Parish can follow the QR codes in the below document, using their smart phone cameras. This will take them to the surveys online to complete.

They'll need to complete them by 30th November 2022.

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