Community Voluntary Award 2021

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April 7, 2021

In consideration of the nominations this year, the Council agreed to focus on those nominated who had provided additional COVID-19 support as part of their awards scheme.

Without the ability to hold a face to face ceremony of thanks for the second year running, the 2021 Community Voluntary Award was agreed and presented to Sylvia Freemantle (social distancing adhered to at all times).
Special thanks were also given to Louisa Davies, Purton Club (an additional special mention to Mandy Canter who provided puddings!) and Heather Ponting-Bather (Purton Magazine).
We also received nominations for the following who all received a certificate of recognition : Lucy Lewis, Barry Pitts, David and Mary Nettleton, Peter Berry, Hazel Woodbridge and Sandra Horsnall.

Sylvia Freemantle wished to say the following :-
I feel privileged to have received this award, especially as there are others in Purton supporting people in so many different ways. I was bought up to help others. Even when I went to Junior School in the village where I grew up, each day after school my Mum would send me off to do jobs for the elderly chopping wood for fires (no risk assessment then!), getting in the coal and washing, shopping etc. So, for me, to help others has always been the natural thing to do.

During the past 15 years I have had three health scares, which I am now clear of, so that has made me more determined than ever to do as much as I can, whilst I can, to help and support.
I have faith which is becoming much stronger as time goes by and I know that my enthusiasm and strength in what I do, isn't just me, but God supporting me.
Then, of course, there is Colin (my husband) who doesn't mind at all what I do in the village. He does so much to help me and villagers when needed. But he goes about things quietly (unlike his wife!).
On the flip side of this, I very much appreciate the rapport I have with the people of Purton, and my "activities" have kept me busy and happy during this pandemic. For that I am grateful.
So, thank you Purton. I will continue to do what I can in the same way that I have been doing. You've only got to ask !

#A village of hope and a community of carers. Thank you