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Following ongoing communication and discussion with the community group “Outreach Purton” who are working to provide essential basic support for residents who do not have the facility to rely on relatives, friends or neighbours, we have all agreed the following support initiative.

Please check that your neighbours either side of you are okay – drop a note through their door, speak to them in the garden – follow social distancing guidelines keep your distance but ensure they have what they need – if you are concerned that they have not been seen knock the door – if you do not get a response call the police on 101.

If you need emergency medical supplies, food requirements that you cannot gain from the local shops/chemist and/or friends and neighbours you can call help utilising the following emergency details :  Theses requests will be managed by the council and will call upon a group of known volunteers who will return your call and determine you needs, advise if necessary alternative options and if required action support through the volunteer group or local government aids.

Currently we are allowed to leave our homes to gain essential supplies and take one walk a day. If you can download this poster or collect from your local shop and place in your window, it will give details outlined above to those who are not able to access social media and therefore spread the word.  Click Here to Download 

If we all adopt the “good neighbour” approach we will reduce the need for additional support setup above within our community, however there will be those vulnerable that logistically need extra support and therefore a group of volunteers will be required.

If you would like to be part of the volunteering list to offer a call to someone who is lonely and isolating or collect shopping/prescriptions, please send your details to the email on the poster. This information under GDPR will be kept for the sole purpose of this COVID-19 pandemic and will be destroyed as soon as we are able to remove the necessity.

We are working on a pre-emptive, best endeavours basis to offer support at this time, we have no formal guidelines or have in place sufficient insurances, welfare support for the volunteers, so this request for volunteers is based on trust and the community pulling together.

Hopefully these actions will bridge the gap whilst the government works on the formal arrangements to safeguard our most vulnerable.

Please always listen to the government guidance in all you do.

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AIMS to acheive the mission we will :-

  • Engage in open dialogue with all residents to understand their needs, and in turn explain how we will address these needs within the resources and powers available to the Council
  • To help provide cost effective amenities of a high standard to help meet the needs and wishes of all residents
  • Assist and encourage other bodies to provide such amenities
  • Protect and enhance the environment in which the residents of the Parish live and work
  • Promote the best interests of the Parish


  • To help create a sociallly inclusive and caring community which embraces all residents, irrespective of age, gender, culture, income, race or relgion, and will seek to develop their well-being, knowledge, understanding and mutual co-operation
  • To enable residents to enjoy high quality social, recreational and sporting facilities within the parish, and to seek the continuing improvement and developement of these facilities in accordance with the desires expressed by the residents
  • To encourage and promote the economic and commercial viability of the Parish.  This will assist in improving the levels of deprivation experienced by some residents of the Parish.
  • To protect and improve the character of the Parish and promote sustainable development for the Parish to meet the needs of present residents without jeopardizing the needs of future generations
  • To work in partnership with other statutory bodies, voluntary groups, agencies and indivduals to ensure an improving standard of services to meet the needs of the Parish


Purton Parish Council will provide a high quality service and will be professional, accountable, proactive and responsive, inclusive and transparent.
Thankyou for visiting our website, we hope you enjoy browsing. 
Your input into the website is warmly welcomed and crucial so that we can provide you with the information you need. Tell us what you like and dislike, what other information and facilities you would find useful and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

The Council Office is situated in the Institute/Village Hall to the rear of the Library (see map here) and is open to the public Monday to Thursday 9.00am to 5.00pm and Fridays 9.00am to 4.00pm.  When the office is closed you can leave a message on the answer phone 01793 771066, or send an e-mail to deborah.lawrence@purtonparishcouncil.gov.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


There does seem to be a general nationwide disillusionment with the democratic process and a feeling that the man in the street can’t really affect anything. In addition our lives certainly seem busier and more complicated. However if anyone out there could spare a couple of hours a week helping to do a necessary and worthwhile job then the role of Parish Councillor can be rewarding and might even help you to wind down and to put life into perspective. We currently have 4 vacancies so if you do have the interest of your community at heart do consider putting yourself forward. If the number of councillors continues to fall we will be at risk of losing control of our own local affairs and others will be making more decisions for us. The choice is ours. Please contact the Parish Clerk or any councillor for more information.

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